Our Team

Our young award winning team stands apart in experience, creativity, and skill. Our varied backgrounds, from landscape architecture to animation, give us the range to tell stories in innovative ways

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Carolann Stoney

Executive Producer Click for details »

Carolann Stoney

Executive Producer

An award-winning director with a background in Landscape architecture and business management.  A fearless leader and tireless advocate of creativity, holding all these talented professionals together.

Alex Jones

Creative Director Click for details »

Alex Jones

Creative Director

With a degree in Design Mangement, a 10 year background in still photography and film, Alex is our go-to guru of artful film-making through resonant creativity that connects.

Daniela Repas

Animations / Editing Click for details »

Daniela Repas

Animations / Editing

Daniela is an award-winning, internationally recognized animator, painter and artist.  She gives our projects wings.

Adam Johnson

Editing/Cinemaphotography Click for details »

Adam Johnson


Adam graduated from PNCA with a fine art degree in Photography.  His background includes international performances in electronic music, sound engineering for film and television and commercial photography.  A media sponge, he holds the company record for most films watched in a single sitting.

Bobby Jones

Audio Engineer Click for details »

Bobby Jones

Audio Engineer

In one ear and out the other… Bobby Jones has 20 years of experience in studio recording, and location sound with the added gift of perfect pitch.

Cintamani Calise

Producer Click for details »

Cintamani Calise


An international visual artist, Cintamani studied Film & Fine Art Photography in London, England and has years of experience as a music photographer.  She keeps her vast record collection in alphabetical order.  Similarly, Cintamani balances the team and makes wishes come true.

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